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The ProAir Aviation is an independent airline company with a large fleet of aircraft licensed by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA).

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Licensed aviation company

Our airline company ProAir Aviation with German Flight Operation License (AOC D-150 EG) fulfils all requirements for commercial flight operations.

ProAir has been known for decades as a reliable partner for everything to do with flying – by founding ProAir Aviation GmbH in 2007, we have also proven our concentrated experience and competence in our own flight operations. With our worldwide valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for passenger, cargo and ambulance flights, we can cover all flight requirements in private and business aviation.

Short or medium range, turbo-prop aircraft, fast Learjet or Midsize Jet with s cabin. Whatever comfort or equipment you prefer: ProAir Aviation has the right aircraft for your travel or transport needs. Our fleet takes you directly, flexibly and safely to your destination worldwide – without changing planes, check-in and waiting times.

In addition, our aircraft operation license (AOC) also allows you to operate your aircraft under commercial management. ProAir Aviation has experts for all areas of aircraft operations. When it comes to servicing aircraft, we offer all the services of professional aircraft operations. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the extensive possibilities of our proven aircraft owner services.

We comply with safety standards and maintenance regulations according to international agreements and the regulations of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). Our competent ProAir team of aviation industry experts ensure seamless flight control, precise flight planning and perfect movement service via our in-house 24-hour Operations Control.

Welcome on board: We offer our passengers top quality combined with the highest safety standards. You receive an optimum of flexibility, extended mobility and individual service!

You fly. We care.

Facts & figures

Professional flight operation for individual mobility solutions.

0 hours
professional operations control – 365 days a year.
More than 0
jets and turbo-prop aircraft in the fleet.
0 %
reliability rate over all individual flight movements.
More than 0
countries and over 1,600 airports available to you.
Over 0
years of aviation experience in all aspects of flying.

Comprehensive service program

ProAir Aviation provides comprehensive services for commercial aircraft operations. And what we expect from us is what aircraft owners can rely on.

  • Safety standards – ProAir exceeds the safety standards and regulations of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

  • Certified quality – ProAir was the first company in the industry to be certified and is still ISO-certified today.

  • Safe aircraft – only multi-engine aircraft are used, which are subject to the approval procedures of the Federal Aviation Authority similar to those of a scheduled airline.

  • State-of-the-art standards – all aircraft are equipped with collision warning system (TCAS), ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) and for instrument landing system (ILS).

  • Pilots – our experienced team of pilots regularly conducts check flights, safety training, emergency drills and simulator training.

  • Selected partners – our demanding quality standards also apply to our hand-picked cooperation partners.

  • Inspection – ProAir regularly checks the validity of flight operation license issued for aircraft in operation.

  • Quality system – we continuously monitor and check all processes through our quality management.

  • Organization & coordination – we take care of all logistical and service-oriented arrangements with airlines, airports and handling agents.

  • Accessible – your personal ProAir flight manager is available around the clock.

  • Key Account Management – we offer an individual contact person for each owner with 24/7 availability.
  • Company owned CAMO & organization – continuous and uninterrupted continuing airworthiness according to Aircraft Maintenance Program, management of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, allocation and control of maintenance work to EASA Part 145 operators, international tendering of maintenance tasks including real-time monitoring and transparent purchase of spare parts.
  • Flight operations, crew planning & training – Communication with authorities, documentation, preparation or creation of aircraft operations manuals, ongoing revision of the flight crew operating manual and the operations manual as well as aircraft documentation, assessment center for cockpit, cabin and maintenance crews, crew planning, organization of flight and cabin crew training as well as license control including supervision of qualification and compliance.
  • Accounting – Document flow control, technical and content-related invoice verification, booking and account assignment of incoming invoices, transparent forwarding of operational costs to owners, cost analysis including evaluations and reporting.
  • Quality & safety management – compliance monitoring or controlling, internal and external auditing, process management description and optimization as well as official communication.
  • Operations control center – Flight planning and route planning, dispatch, flight watch, movement control, 24/7 crew control including crew duty travel and hotac, flight support, aerodrome categorization, application for take-off rights, landing rights, traffic rights and overflight permits.
  • Operations engineering – Performance Engineering, Mass & Balance (DOM/I Management, Standard Loadings, Load Control) and ongoing revision of the MEL.
  • Ground operations – Commissioning and management of aircraft handling, cleaning, filling, catering, terminals, hangar space and de-icing/cooling. Communication with all ground operations services at airports, passenger and crew transport, baggage handling and PNR/PNL. Customs issues such as (pre-)clearance for passengers, baggage and other goods. Ongoing revision of the Ground Operations Manual.
  • Fuel management – fuel purchasing on account, cost absorption and controlling, contractual commitment with fuel suppliers by means of pooling/hedging, profitability audits and publication of best price airport lists for crews.

Aircraft Agent

Purchase and sale of aircraft. Investment and shareholding.


Ambulance charters

Charter for medical flights, medevac and organ transport.


Concert Tours

Flight Logistics for orchestras & bands on tour. Partner of tour managers.


Delegation Trips

Charter & logistics solutions for flights with strict protocol - national and international.


Employee shuttles

Air connections between company locations. Commuting with efficiency.


Executive charter

Business jet or helicopter. Flying worldwide - completely private.


Flight Logistics

Large passenger groups flying. By charter or scheduled flight.


Support flights

Flight logistics for crisis situations. Passenger & relief goods.


Team Charter

Soccer teams, support staff and management - fully supported.


Transfer Arrangements

Available for you on the ground. Transfer solutions of all comfort levels.


VIP Guest Charter

Exclusive group charter solutions. For VIP guests of sporting events.

Your satisfaction – our goal

… landed well and already back at my desk … I wanted to thank you and the crew for the smooth and trouble-free service … all transfers were optimal and it was a successful day for me …

Managing Director, Mid-sized company

… I would like to thank you very much for your professional cooperation. Your friendly service was a real support at our “small but nice” board meeting, at which we also attach great importance to the details. That’s why I was all the more pleased that everything worked smoothly: Booking, extra wishes for the private jet and of course the special check-in.

Board Secretariat, Industrial Group

Aircraft fleet

ProAir Aviation GmbH is qualified as a licensed aviation company for commercial and non-commercial flight operations. Currently we operate a versatile fleet under our German AOC (D-150 EG).

The following aircraft types are currently available for commercial charter flights:

Aircraft typeRegistrationCategoryPAX
Challenger 650D-ASHYHeavy Jet, twin-engined12
Global 5000D-AVBAUltra Long Range Jet, twin-engined13
EMB-500 Phenom 300D-CHGSSuper Light Jet, twin-engined7+1
EMB-505 Phenom 300ED-CIKSSuper Light Jet, twin-engined8+1
EMB-505 Phenom 300ED-CNOWSuper Light Jet, twin-engined8+1
Cessna 525C/Citation Jet 4D-CLIKLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525C/Citation Jet 4D-COLOLight Jet, twin-engined8+1
Cessna 525C/Citation Jet 4D-COVALight Jet, twin-engined8+1
Cessna 525C/Citation Jet 4D-CSRMLight Jet, twin-engined8+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2+D-IKBOLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2+D-IENELight Jet, twin-engined7
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IBCGLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IBEALight Jet, twin-engined7+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IBETLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IBLKLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IBTCLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IEGALight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IEGOLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-ILUILight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IMFELight Jet, twin-engined7
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IGRKLight Jet, twin-engined6+1
Cessna 525A/Citation Jet 2D-IXXXLight Jet, twin-engined7+1
Cessna 525/Citation Jet 1+D-IJLJVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
Cessna 525/Citation Jet 1D-IHVQVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
Cessna 525/Citation Jet 1D-IPODVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
Cessna 525/Citation Jet 1D-IRSBVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
Cessna 525/Citation Jet 1D-IMOIVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
Cessna M2/Citation JetD-IOVAVery Light Jet, twin-engined5+1
EMB-500 Phenom 100D-ISTPVery Light Jet, twin-engined4+1
Beechcraft King Air 260D-IPAVTurboprop, twin-engined6+1
Pilatus PC-12/47ED-FWITTurboprop, single-engined6+2


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Our aviation team is at your disposal around the clock.

+49 711 70839-0