Stuttgart/Filderstadt, January 17, 2024

Experts for efficient emergency logistics

Fracht Ad-hoc-Charter, OBC und Helikopter-Charter für Notfallogistik

In addition to our customized cargo flight solutions, we offer special services that are tailored to our customers’ particularly time-critical shipments. In the Cargo & Logistics division, the diverse challenges in emergency logistics require customized solutions with maximum precision and efficiency.

Our range of specialized air freight services and our expertise in emergency logistics can also make the difference for your company:

Helicopter charter

Our helicopter charter solutions offer another flexible and efficient alternative for transportation to hard-to-reach locations. Ideal for rapid deployment in remote areas or for special transportation requirements within the transport chain.

Ad hoc charter service

When flexible and immediate transportation solutions are required, our ad hoc charter services are ready and waiting. We respond quickly to your requirements to ensure that your urgent freight reaches its destination safely and on time.

OBC Service

Our OBC service offers a personal escort for your most urgent shipments. Experienced and trustworthy on-board couriers ensure the direct and safe transfer of your goods, from hand to hand, worldwide.

Our commitment to personal service does not end here:

We are on duty around the clock to personally oversee the loading and onward transportation of your freight. This individualized attention ensures that each shipment is handled according to its unique requirements.

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