Stuttgart/Filderstadt, December 1, 2021

Horse walking facility from Stuttgart to Abu Dhabi

Shipment with horse walking facility from Stuttgart to Abu Dhabi with Maximus Air AN-124-100.

Our colleague Alexander Kratochwil received a somewhat unusual request from a manufacturer of riding equipment: a complete horse exerciser from a German manufacturer was to be shipped in individual parts from Stuttgart to Abu Dhabi. More than 20 pieces of cargo, some of which are considerably overlong, and a total weight of 19 tons of freight require minutious planning by our cargo experts. Really special: the buyer wanted to send his own transport plane to pick up the freight.

In addition to coordinating the schedule of this special shipment, many questions had to be clarified regarding handling, flight logistics and logistics on the ground: Where should the truck deliver at the airport, where should the freight be stored, when will the cargo aircraft arrive, how will it be loaded there (loose or on aeroplane pallets), will pallets be brought along or should they be set up in Stuttgart, flight permits, AWBs, …

On 13th October the time had come: an Antonov AN-124-100 from Maximus Air arrived and now everything had to happen very quickly. A highlight not only for the ProAir staff but also for the planespotters, this aircraft with a wingspan of over 73 meters and a length of almost 70 meters has never been in Stuttgart before!

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