Stuttgart/Filderstadt, December 10, 2023

Double charter mastered: two Boeing 747s carry oversize plant components to the Far East

In an impressive demonstration of logistics capabilities, ProAir recently transported a significant amount of oversize industrial equipment to the Far East using two Boeing 747 freighters. This cargo charter order illustrated not only the physical capacity of the Boeing 747 freighter aircraft, but also the expertise and innovation of the ProAir Cargo team responsible.

The particular challenge was not only to load the enormous and bulky cargo items safely, but also to position them in such a way as to ensure optimum space utilization with even weight distribution. In addition to meticulous pre-planning, this task also required full commitment on site.

The aircraft loading areas turned into complex puzzles where every move and every centimeter counted in order to guarantee flight stability and safety for the long transport to the Far East. The precise planning required close cooperation between logistics experts and aircraft crews. The loading strategy, which took weeks to develop, ensured safe and efficient transportation – every part of the system was carefully packed and secured to prevent damage during transport.

Mission accomplished! Our ProAir freight logistics experts once again demonstrated their technical expertise and organizational talent in handling exceptionally large freight items.

Our ProAir freight logistics experts once again demonstrated their technical know-how and organizational talent
With two chartered Boeing 747 cargo planes and full commitment on site

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