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In case of an imminent standstill of the production/assembly line at automobile manufacturers the affected automotive parts such as air-bags, seat covers or other accessories are normally transported by air, rail or scheduled flight. Now and then supplying shortfalls may occur, which could affect the production process of the manufacturers from all industry sectors.

Lieferengpässe bewältigenThus, express cargo must be transported from A to B as fast as possible. In the automotive industry the required response time for urgent charter enquiries is just 15 minutes.

Our flexible ProAir cargo specialists search the market for available aircraft and can often take off already within 60 minutes after confirmation of order.

Thus, ProAir sent several aircraft of various sizes for the supplier of a premium car manufacturer parallel to an existing truck supply chain. The aircraft supply chain was built up from the small turboprop for small cases to propeller aircraft for entire EUR-pallets to the fast business jet from Czech Republic to Belgium. Thus the production process could be maintained and economic damage could be averted.

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