Aircraft Maintenance

ProAir Aircraft Maintenance provides you with the complete scope of professional maintenance services.

Our maintenance facility TecAvia in Leipzig ensures personally the competent technical support for your aircraft and the department Maintenance Coordination undertakes the complete planning of the maintenance periods for you. We arrange and carry out all necessary inspections and modifications at the appropriate time. It is a matter of course that we centrally control and monitor all imminent work.

Furthermore we coordinate all contracts with maintenance companies, manufacturers and aviation authorities for you and we undertake the complete care of the maintenance monitoring system. You can therefore start and land completely relaxed anywhere in the world.

ProAir also undertakes the complete maintenance of the CAMP system. Inspections that have been carried out (SB, AD, CN, etc.) are immediately incorporated. Each aircraft receives personal attention during the inspection. Immediately afterwards all papers are checked for completeness and compliance with requirements from the aviation authorities. The flight hours are checked and if necessary, the hours/landings are updated in CAMP to enable a timely planning for compliance with the checks. All life limit components are also permanently monitored, likewise the warranty expiry dates of all changed components. We are also happy to undertake the warranty handling.

Maintenance Management by ProAirWith Aircraft Maintenance provided by ProAir you opt for a professional management which is time saving and cost-efficient for your maintenance budget – without compromising safety.

  • Technical support for your aircraft
  • Complete planning of the maintenance periods
  • Scheduling of inspections and modifications
  • Coordination of contracts with maintenance companies, manufacturers and aviation authorities
  • Management of the maintenance monitoring system
  • Maintenance of the CAMP system
  • Monitoring of the life limit components and warranty expiry dates
Your safety is our top priorityYour safety is our top priority.

It is with a good reason that we are the first company in the sector with ISO certification. And all these high quality standards apply furthermore to our selected cooperation partners.

Also here we set standards that go far beyond the regulations of the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrtbundesamt) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation.


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