Stuttgart/Filderstadt, April 11, 2019

Strategic consulting partnership with Adyson Aviation Group

Adyson Aviation Group (USA) extends its reach to Europe through a strategic consulting partnership with the ProAir Group.

Under the partnership, Adyson Aviation will support ProAir’s clients in the purchase and sale of business aircraft, while ProAir will support Adyson Aviation’s international clientele in the areas of aircraft management, flight operations and operations in Europe and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East.

This strategic alliance between a leading aviation consulting company with expertise and offices in the US and ProAir Aviation, one of Europe’s leading aircraft management and operations companies, will benefit the customers of both companies equally.

Adyson Aviation’s global presence now extends to Europe and beyond. ProAir’s aircraft sales and acquisition activities will also benefit from this partnership. The new strategic partnership is a major asset to our many European customers and adds an additional dimension to our ability to effectively and efficiently source and sell aircraft for our clients.

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