Stuttgart/Filderstadt, April 17, 2023

Over 30 business jets in the ProAir fleet

Flying on private jets offers many outstanding benefits, especially during the summer vacation season before business travel picks up again in the fall. At ProAir Group, we bring you closer to this exclusive opportunity.

Our offer worldwide available airplanes and helicopters of all sizes and types is at your disposal. In addition, we offer a unique selection of business jets from our own aviation company, ProAir Aviation. From 6-seat CJ2 jets to the 8-seat Phenom 300, you have the ability to customize your flight.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when flying private jets with us:

  • No annoying wait times: We eliminate check-in, security and baggage belt wait times, so you can travel stress-free and save time.
  • Flexible flight schedule: We adapt to your individual needs, allowing you to personalize your travel schedule.
  • Travel with the family: enjoy unforgettable experiences with your children and friends, as a private jet offers space for your loved ones.
  • Pets welcome: You can take your beloved pets on board without any worries and enjoy the trip together.
  • Customized catering: look forward to your choice of catering and culinary delights that will make your flight a delight.
  • Access to small airports: Private jets can access smaller airports that are often inaccessible to commercial flights, allowing you to get closer to your destination.
  • Limousine service: enjoy the mostly included limousine service that will take you directly to your hotel or other destination.
  • Climate-neutral flights: Our certified CO2 compensation allows you to travel in an environmentally conscious way.

Über 30 Business-Jets in der ProAir Aviation-Flotte

All in all, private jet flying with ProAir Group offers you maximum comfort, flexibility and individuality. Let us make your next trip an unforgettable experience.

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