Stuttgart/Filderstadt, February 5, 2024

China: Showcase planning for Executive Board trip with Executive Jet

ProAir-Charter-Transport GmbH is pleased to announce the successful organization and completion of a high-level board trip to and within China. Faced with a tight schedule, it was critical for our team to plan customized flight itineraries that included approach options to smaller, strategically located airports. This allowed our valued clients to significantly reduce travel times and meet their deadlines efficiently.

The trip presented our team with various challenges, including coordinating with multiple airports, applying for special traffic rights and permits, and ensuring that all planned activities ran smoothly. Thanks to close cooperation with local authorities, careful planning and the application of necessary visas and documents, every aspect of the trip was precisely coordinated and implemented.

Our experienced team spares no effort to ensure a hassle-free stay for our guests. We place great emphasis on cultural sensitivity and the safety of our guests to ensure a worry-free and punctual business trip.

For more information on our customized executive jet solutions and how we can make your next business trip a complete success, contact us anytime. Our customer service team is available around the clock at or by phone at +49 711 708392-81.

Maßgeschneiderten Executive Jet-Lösungen für weltweite Geschäftsreisen
Executive Jet Charter bieten wir in in allen Ausstattungsklassen

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