ProAir has been transporting urgently required aggregates, machines, spare parts and much more via air cargo for several industry sectors for many years. Challenges are welcome!

Our ProAir cargo specialists are experienced partners in handling even complex cargo requirements for the main construction trade, operators of oil pipelines, of the oil industry, mines, spare part suppliers, manufacturers of special equipment as well as other industry sectors.

Antonov 124Thus ProAir sent an Antonov 124 to Sudan at the client’s request. An urgently required heat pump for the operation of oil pipelines had to be flown to the end destination within a fixed time frame of four weeks. The comprehensive preparations included the visual inspection of the still completely mounted equipment on the site of dismounting. In order to ensure the capacity for loading, we had initially to work out exactly how the large scale equipment had to be dismantled and packed so that the space available in the aircraft was not exceeded. Thanks to very intensive collaboration between the customer, ProAir and the air carrier a smooth loading of the entire shipment on the due date could be achieved. The departure in Hahn as well as the arrival in Khartoum took place precisely on time.

We are happy to provide you with an overview of detailed references upon request.

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