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The ProAir group has been operating numerous aircraft in private and commercial managements for many years.

Our experts provide companies with advice in relation to acquisition of own company jets and show ways in which these aircraft can be operated economically. From the acquisition to financing to maintenance of your aircraft, from recruitment of pilots to the handling of all flight details. To make your aircraft investment profitable in each aspect and to enable you to fully concentrate on two things: Enjoying your aircraft and your flights.

  • We acquire an aircraft for you
  • We find a buyer for your aircraft
  • We undertake the complete aircraft management for you

Your personal ProAir aircraft management team is therefore at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you want to use our premium services for the commercial management of your aircraft or exclusively for your own personal needs.

As aircraft owner you should only know the following about our work: Everything works perfectly.

Private ManagementCommercial Management
Private Aircraft Management

  • You own an aircraft and use it only for your own travel requirements or those of your staff?
  • The administrative resources and human resources in connection with your aircraft become more and more stressful?

Professional support and advice

At latest by now you should start considering professional support and advice by an aircraft management company. A lot of promises are being made in the sector – ProAir puts its cards on the table: we contribute considerably to the optimisation of processes and procedures and help reducing current costs drastically, although we will not be able to depreciate the acquisition costs afterwards.

  • We provide you and your staff with effective release of pressure by means of administrative support.
  • We help you with advice relating to purchase and cost control.
  • Short communication channels and our permanent availability enable quick and personal reaction and action.
  • A competent team of pilots and aviation experts knows the sector and identifies meaningful savings potentials.
The ProAir aircraft management team is therefore at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • You consider chartering your aircraft to third parties?
  • You would like to achieve economic benefits with your aircraft?

Aircraft operation on a commercial basis

Benefit from our many years of competence and experience. The ProAir Management & Sales team undertakes the commercial registration of your aircraft in our own air carrier company ProAir Aviation GmbH (Aircraft Operator Certificate AOC D-150EG) and takes care of all general administrative regulations.

In addition to marketing, our specialists are happy to undertake also the handling of all activities in relation to flight operations.

  • You provide us with the aircraft. ProAir accepts the operating costs which are offset against the income from flights.
  • As an aircraft broker with worldwide contacts to potential clients, our associate company ProAir-Charter-Transport GmbH, ensures a mutually defined use of capacity.
  • Direct communication channels and guaranteed availability ensure very short reaction times and personal assistance.
  • Our competent team of aviation experts and pilots continually analyses movements in the market, identifies savings potential and implements the results profitably for you.


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